My Inspirations

My kids are my biggest inspiration. A few years ago, I was trying to be healthy but I had a number of weird aches and pains that made being active difficult. Thankfully, a few simple stretches and exercises changed all that and I felt better in a few months.
This was important to me because my kids are so active and I’m still young. I want to enjoy life.
So I made my work a lifestyle so that I can life my life and help others with theirs.


The lotus blossom a huge inspiration to me because it grows through the mud and comes into the sun, alive and well. It perseveres and still holds beauty. I think life can be a lot like that, we go through hard times but staying strong and pushing forward (or up) will take us into the light.


Music is a huge inspiration as well. I love listening to bands like Breaking Benjamin, Within Temptation, Mike Oldfield, Leah, and Enya. Music helps me write but it also helps me workout and relax. Trying to live my life without music is like trying to eat without teeth, doable but difficult.

Oddly enough, pirates have also been an inspiration. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed stories and movies where there are pirates. I don’t think it was any one movie or book (though the original Peter Pan book, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Once Upon A Time have been big ones), just bits of many of them.