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How Do You Know When You’re REALLY Passionate About What You Do?

Every entrepreneur faces challenges and sometimes we have days where those challenges almost get the better of us. It’s on these days where we struggle to bring things into being, where we push hard and feel like we’re getting no where, where all of our hustling feels like we’re just hitting dead ends.

Those days are the true test of finding out whether what we are doing is what we’re meant to do!

Making Building A Healthy Lifestyle a presence in the world is a my dream. I look at myself and my kids and I see how far I’ve come in recent years. I see that doing something I love, for me and for them, is better and more fulfilling than anything I’ve ever done. But on the other side of that, it’s been the hardest, most grueling, most testing thing I’ve done.

don't quit

I worked a lot of retail before going back to school to be an RMT and Fitness Trainer. And that sucked. There was always one problem or another, customers yelling at me for things I couldn’t control, head offices not giving a s#!t, co-workers walking out. And those days were hard, draining physically and emotionally. My time wasn’t my own and that weighed heavily on me. I knew it was something I never wanted to go back to.

Building A Healthy Lifestyle started out as a mobile massage therapy company and it’s expanded to include Fitness Training mobile and online as well as It Works recently. All of this stuff comes together to help create that healthy lifestyle so many of us want but may not know how to get.

And it’s grueling setting this up. I’m up all hours of the night thinking how to fine tune, add content, talk to people (my retail years have made it hard for me to approach people randomly. I’m always worried they’ll start screaming at me before I can get their attention because they’re so sick of always trying to be sold) but because this is something I believe it, it’s all worth it. Building A Healthy Lifestyle has tested me so much in the last several months, emotionally and mentally.

Right now, as I’m working on this, I’m really sick, my youngest seems to have inherited his father’s partial insomnia and has not slept longer than a few hours a night in weeks, and I’m still up at night thinking about my business.

This is how I know I’m passionate about it!

I haven’t GIVEN UP yet, despite setbacks (not getting clients I wanted, not having people show the interest I thought they would, not having the finances to put all the things I want together right away), I’m still pushing through.

Today I am sick, sicker than I’ve been a while. And I’m on little sleep. Yet, though a hot bath and sleep would be awesome, all I can focus on is making the most of today and getting my message out there.

And what is my message?

I’m glad you asked. My message is that anyone, ANYONE (yes even you) can achieve a healthy lifestyle without taking extra time out of your day, without having to commit to crazy, unrealistic goals, and you can have your lifestyle in any budget.

I’ve set up my business to work around my life, so that I can have time and flexibility with my kids and family. And even though I’m going around the clock, I actually have more time and energy than I ever did while doing 8 hour shifts for someone else.

This is what I was meant to do and I love my work. I’m NOT giving up on this.

My dream is that in a year people are going to be talking about me, taking the online fitness routines that I have available, talking to me about how their life has changed for the better and that they feel much more rejuvenated and relaxed. How they made some of their goals come to life in fitness or health or life in general. My dream is to have an impact on the world.

So everyday I’m hustling, even when I’m sick, even when I’m scared to talk to people, even before my morning coffee (I know, right?). Everyday, I’m moving closer to my dream. And when i feel I’ve lost the passion, I look at how far I’ve come, even just in my own fitness goals or my own energy, and I know, I’m not going to quit. I found my calling.

your fate


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