My Fitness Journey Part 2

So this post is about how small changes can lead to great things. More specifically, it’s about my changing how I eat and what.

I am NOT a dietitian so take this information as a recommendation or something to think about. I’m not here to talk about macros and micros and how many grams of protein and fat per meal you should have. I’m only talking about what worked for me and hopefully, it can help you.

So I guess the biggest thing that changed for me is what I ate. Last April I went through gall bladder removal surgery due to suddenly producing gall stones and passing one or two (big ouch btw). Before that, I had been doing what I could to eat better. I knew about portion sizing and eating many small meals in a day instead of 3 big ones worked better for me because I was hypoglycemic (I would get low blood sugar and suffer from a killer headache and low energy). In short, I was like a diabetic in how I needed to eat and balance my proteins and sugar but I didn’t need insulin. Anyways, smaller meals many times a day. Also a lot of fast foods were off the table because I can’t handle a lot of grease (possible foreshadowing to gall bladder issues) and MSG is a big no for me. Boom, healthy eating, should’ve been simple and the weight should have melted away.

Well, no. It didn’t. Sure I worked out and put on muscle but the fat never seemed to go away. I probably indulged in the sweets a bit too much and probably ate too much meat at one time because the sweets made me want protein and vise versa. So I retained the weight especially in certain areas, like my stomach and it was frustrating.

Fast forward to last April, I go in for the surgery and I’m told that the recovery process is going to be 4-6 weeks, no hard fitness, no yoga, no lifting anything over 15 lbs (my youngest son was 23 lbs). Basically, I had to sit and do some light walking.

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it, were they serious?

Yep! The reason being that they didn’t want the stitches popping. Okay, fine that made sense. But it also meant that my fitness was out the window and I knew I’d be gaining weight.

Which I did. The pictures from that time last year are not easy for me to look at now but they do show me how far I’ve come.

So, on the bright side, I had to be even more careful about how much I ate and what I ate. No big meals, no bad fats. It was so easy to get bloated from eating too much. Even better, I would just know when something was too heavy and tended to stay away from that stuff. But I still wasn’t getting anywhere. So after 9 months of trying things and being successful in the past 3 months, here are the changes I made:


  • I used to use cane sugar or lately coconut palm. Technically healthier but wasn’t helping me. So I switched recently to honey when I ran out of sugar. I have tried honey on and off in the past but always went back to the sugar. I’ve used honey for a month now.
  • If honey isn’t something you want or can use, try maple syrup


  • This is where I usually ate lots of meat, for the purpose of protein. Sausage, chicken, pork, bacon, salmon. I tried my best to go for the hormone and antibiotic free stuff.
  • Now, I still eat meat but in smaller amounts. Instead of it being half my dinner, it’s more of a quarter to a third supplemented by greens or a little bit of pasta.
  • Pasta is another culprit. Easy on that. Or if you’re going to make a meal of it (because, why not) do it once a week, not EVERY meal.


  • keep the good stuff. Smoothies are awesome. But don’t add stuff to sweeten or protein powders with junk added. Keep them as pure as you can. Good fruits, greens like spinach or kale.

Protein Powders

  • So I haven’t explored many of these because usually I don’t like the taste. I was using a decent one for a while in my smoothies. But now I’ve found It Works Protein Shake. Team Chocolate and hands down the best I’ve tasted. I can drink it straight and this stuff is AMAZING! It satisfies cravings (know those late night munchies? Yeah, another weight issue no matter how healthy you’ve been. So try this powder. Seriously.)

It Works Greens

  • Okay I can say so much about these and I have (see my blog on “Why I Became An It Works Distributor”). Basically, the Greens got me drinking more water, they made the water refreshing so I actually drank it, they curbed my hypoglycemia, I don’t seem to have blood sugar lows anymore, and they’ve made it so I don’t seem to suffer from S.A.D. as much.

Cacao Powder

  • I used to crave chocolate and I told myself that as long it was dark, it was fine because dark chocolate is good for you. Yeah well, it’s also easy to eat more than you need to. I started adding cacao powder, raw and unprocessed to my smoothies and coffee. In a few short weeks, I noticed that my chocolate cravings were gone.

All of these, with exercise of course once I was healthy enough, especially in the last 3 months have led to major changes. All of them small and taking time but it’s what worked for me.


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