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Why I Became An It Works Distributor

It’s not for the obvious reason, which is to be your own boss. I’m already doing that. Here’s the real reason why.

I started using the products after a friend recommended them. She had just become a distributor herself and needed people to try the products. I’m a skeptic when it comes to stuff, especially if it seems too good to be true. It Works wasn’t. There’s no promises of instant weight loss. The stuff is meant to supplement your lifestyle and be used along side your life, not substitute.

And the products actually worked. I’ve been doing more and more fitness lately, especially since putting on weight after my surgeries and pregnancies. When I decided to make fitness a lifestyle choice and a career choice, I wanted to look like what I was selling. And it was hard.

It Works came into my life when I was recovering from gall bladder removal surgery, I had mommy tummy, loose skin and extra poundage. I tried the Wraps and the Defining Gel and they were great. Definitely noticed a few changes there. But it was when I started the Greens and the Thermofit and the protein shake that things really changed for me. The Fat Fighters helped too.

I was still doing the fitness stuff. Let me emphasize that. I did not replace my fitness routines with It Works products. I used them alongside my fitness.

So here’s what I noticed. The Greens were refreshing and definitely got me drinking more water more frequently.I also noticed that they seemed to help me in the winter. I suffer from S.A.D in the winter and winters here in Edmonton can be brutal, cold, grey, weeks of no sun. This winter wasn’t any different though maybe a little less cold, but usually, I’m popping vitamin D like no one’s business. This winter, after 4 months on Greens, I haven’t had to take any and I feel better than in previous years. The fat fighters stopped me feeling bloated. Having no gall bladder, it takes much longer for me to digest food and eating a little too much (which already isn’t very much) can leave me quite bloated. The Fat Fighters helped ease that. The Thermofit boosted my workouts. Gave me more energy, helped with recovery and let me push myself further every single time. Lastly, the protein shake did exactly what it said it would, aid in recovery after a workout and deal with those pesky nighttime cravings.

All in all, this was enough to convince me. This was the system for me. It worked with my every day lifestyle, it molded into the stuff I wanted to do for work and it wasn’t too good to be true. You still have to work for your goals, but It Works is helping me to achieve mine. Maybe it can help you too.

I do Wrap parties. If you’re curious definitely get a hold me and host one.


1 thought on “Why I Became An It Works Distributor”

  1. I have been taking the Greens regularly for months now. They are fantastic! Taste great, increase water intake, give a sense of well-being and energy, and most importantly help with stomach acid and keeping my body more alkaline.


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