Massage therapy

When My Clients Ask Questions…

I am all about clients knowing what they are getting with their treatments, whether massage therapy or fitness.

In the last week, I’ve had 2 clients coming in for massage therapy (2 different clients, 2 different times, not at all connected) that have spent their time asking me questions. And you know what, I prefer it that way. I WANT my clients to know exactly what the treatment is going to do for them, how it’s going to benefit, how they can continue having the benefits and how to look after themselves in between sessions.

My clients are paying for a treatment, to me it makes sense that they would want to know EVERYTHING about it, especially if they are first timers. Some clients just flop on the table and are quiet, or they’ll talk to you about pressure and where it hurts and why, which is good, very good. Communication is VERY important in this industry. But it makes me so happy to help my clients get educated on the industry.


Both clients asking questions were first timers. And it wasn’t the questions they asked me that made me blink. Some questions were very good and some I had to think about, so it was a nice refresher for me. Some actually made me have to go look stuff up so I learned something new. But what made me blink, what surprised me, is that they both apologized for asking so many questions, as if talking was an inconvenience to me.

There was no need for them to apologize. They were among the curious who wanted to know all about their treatment and I was more than happy to educate them. That’s how we make this industry better, away from the shady past it has, away from the creepy people looking for “happy endings”, and it’s also how we help convince people that massage therapy can help them.

Massage therapy is no longer looked upon as a luxury. It is a health thing now and one that our world desperately needs. With our society losing more and more sleep and getting more and more stressed with work and money and family and just earning a decent living that takes you past day to day, it’s not hard to see why we are slowly becoming a zombiefied species. Do yourself a favour, educate yourself on how massage can help, and if you want to try it, talk to your massage therapist. They are there to help.


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