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What Have I Done?!

So I just did something terrifying. To me. Mostly because it’s new and it involves a lot of people (if all goes right), and because it’s a dream I’ve had for a long time but only recently did it start to take shape. And now I’ve announced that dream to the world which has made it all the more real now. Now I have to make it happen. It’s not just thoughts anymore. It’s taken shape and it’s something people are waiting for.

I’m terrified, but in an exciting way.

This is life changing for me. I’m stepping outside my bubble! I’m getting the world involved!

So here’s the dream. I’m am taking my fitness knowledge and training and experience and becoming an online fitness coach. I want to reach out to everyone all over the world that wants to get fit and show them how they can do it no matter where they are, house or apartment, gym goer or not, night owl or early riser.

I am going to be helping people I’ve never met. And I’m going to help change their lives.

There’s so much in front of me right now and I’m a little overwhelmed. See, normally, I’d make sure I had lots of stuff ready, maybe even years in advanced before announcing it. But I don’t want to wait years. I have the knowledge. I can make it happen. I just can’t believe that I’m actually doing it!

My website Blue Lotus Massage is going to be going through a massive overhaul in the next few weeks. So your patience on that is appreciated.

The upside to all this new and terrifying stuff is that it’s keeping me accountable in my goals of staying fit and being my best self. If I’m teaching this stuff to the world I want to look like it works, which, of course it does.

I am changing everything. I’m not going to be just an RMT and fitness trainer anymore. I am making the whole thing about “Healthy Lifestyle.” I am also becoming an It Works distributor which meshes so nicely with the fitness side of things.

I am out there, determined to make being healthy and fit and relaxed a lifestyle, not a fad, not a gimmick, a way of life, something you do daily not because you have to but because you want to and it makes you feel better.

So what have I done? I’ve terrified myself, I’ve excited myself, I’ve made all these life changing decisions and I can’t wait to get started!! What have I done? I’ve started making my dreams, my life, happen the way I want it to.


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